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Fruit Bats is an American folk rock band originally from Chicago, but now based in Seattle.

Fruit Bats were formed in 1999 by guitarist, pianist and singer Eric Johnson, the band's main songwriter and only constant member. Originally part of short-lived Chicago group I Rowboat, Johnson and two of his fellow Rowboat members, guitarist Dan Strack and drummer Brian Belval, created Fruit Bats as a side-project.

When I Rowboat split up, Fruit Bats became Johnson's main focus. Spurred on by Califone/Perishable Records honchos Tim Rutili and Ben Massarella, the group recorded their first album, Echolocation, released in 2001.

After tours with Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Modest Mouse and The Shins, Fruit Bats signed with Sub Pop in late summer 2002, recording their second album, 2003s Mouthfuls.The group released their third album, Spelled in Bones, in 2005.

The fourth album!! Fruit Bats have never shied away from darkness, but more uncommon in this day and age, they've refused to shy away from light. Using bright melodies, defiantly major-key chord structures, natural imagery mixed with the occasional blazing insight and tender observation, The Ruminant Band, marks a further crystallization of Johnson's own melodic instincts and overall vision. Eric has spent the handful of years between Fruit Bats records playing with peers as heralded and forward-thinking as Vetiver and The Shins.

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01 Primitive Man

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02 The Ruminant Band

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03 Tegucigalpa

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04 Beautiful Morning Light

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05 The Hobo Girl

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06 Being on Our Own

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07 My Unusual Friend

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08 Singing Joy to the World

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09 The Blessed Breeze

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10 Feather Bed

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11 Flamingo

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