Black Crowes - Before The Frost

Before The Frost
Black Crowes
Silver Arrow

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THE BLACK CROWES will release their new studio CD, Before the Frost...
via the band's own Silver Arrow label and Megaforce Records. A second album, titled ...Until The Freeze, will be given away for free exclusively through a unique download code included in Before The Frost... CD as a thank you to their fans for two decades of support. A limited-edition vinyl release of Before The Frost...Until The Freeze, featuring all 20 tracks, will also be available.

Before the Frost...features 11 new unreleased Black Crowes' studio songs. The free album ...Until The Freeze has 8 new original Black Crowes' studio songs plus a cover version of the Stephen Stills classic "So Many Times."

Before the Frost..., and its corresponding free album ...Until The Freeze, were recorded over a series of five nights at Levon Helm Studios. Although both are studio albums, all the new material was performed and recorded in front of an intimate audience of the band s fans.

Chris Robinson conceived the innovative concept of Before the Frost...Until The Freeze:
I think we fulfilled a musical commitment to continue on the golden road of artistic independence. Approaching 20 years into our careers, we still are ambitious enough to push ourselves to create somethin g unique that we have never done before.

As The Black Crowes approach the upcoming 20th anniversary of their release of one of rock s most influential records, Shake Your Money Maker, which produced such hits as Jealous Again, She Talks To Angels and Hard to Handle, they are time and again hailed as one of Rock and Roll s best live acts.

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01 Good Morning Captain

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02 Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love)

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03 Appaloosa

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04 A Train Still Makes A Lonely Sound

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05 I Ain't Hiding

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06 Kept My Soul

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07 What Is Home

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08 Houston Don't Dream About Me

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09 Make Glad

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10 And The Band Played On

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11 Last Place That Love Lives

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