Tata Young - Temperature Rising(泰国版)

Temperature Rising(泰国版)
Tata Young
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From the land of the thousand smiles comes one of the beautiful ones ever!

Tata Young, Thailand's pop sensation, was already a bright shining star in her home country when she released her English debut album I Believe in 2004. Her striking good looks, sexy vocals and irrepressible personality helped sell nearly a million copies of I Believe across the region!

Between being selected by Asiaweek as one of 25 most influential trend-makers in Asia in 1998, and gracing the cover of Time magazine in 2001, Tata Young is truly one of Asia's hottest talents!

Now she's all set to heat up the scene once again with her second full-length English album Temperature Rising. Is it getting hot in here or what?!

Featuring famous songwriters such as Diane Warren, Paul McCartney, Natasha Bedingfeld and Sandeep Chowta, this new pop/dance album looks set to be one of the biggest records in Tata's decade long career! Yes it's been 10 years, but Tata's only 25 this year because she started her road to fame from the tender age of 15!

So do check out Temperature Rising, which includes the scorching hit single "El Nin-YO!" from now till Thursday, August 31, 2006!

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01 El Nin-YO!

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02 Back Outta This

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03 I Want Some Of That

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04 Come Rain Come Shine

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05 Uh Oh

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06 Betcha Neva

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07 Zoom

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08 For You I Will

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09 I Must Not Chase The Boys

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10 I Guess I Never Knew My Baby

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11 Superhypnotic

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12 Mila Mila

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