Midnight Youth - The Brave Don't Run

The Brave Don't Run
Midnight Youth
流行摇滚 , 后垃圾
Warner NZ

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Midnight Youth have truly hit the ground running on the back of the phenomenal success of their first single ‘The Letter’, from their debut album ‘The Brave Don’t Run’.

‘The Letter’ was the #1 most played New Zealand song on radio and the music video simultaneously hit #1 on two major music television networks. The track also held a Top 10 position for more than 15 weeks in the Radioscope Top 100.

‘The Brave Don’t Run’ was recorded in studios in New York (whose previous inhabitants include music luminaries Ryan Adams, David Bowie and Sufjan Stevens) and Auckland (The D4). The album was produced by Brooklyn’s Terence Dover and Auckland’s Andrew Buckton.

Leading up to the album release, the band spent a busy six months touring New Zealand and the United States – including shows across New Zealand with The Veronicas, and Metro Station. The North American dates included the acclaimed SXSW music festival in Austin (Texas), and shows in New York and at Los Angeles famed Viper Room.

Midnight Youth were also selected by Australian rock legends INXS as their New Zealand support on a recent tour. INXS were so impressed by this new talent, they later proclaimed the band as, ‘One of the best they had played with in Australasia!’

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01 Cavalry

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02 All on Our Own

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03 Dead Flowers

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04 Letter

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05 Learning to Fall

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06 Benjamin

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07 Tijuana

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08 Golden Love

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09 Lonely Homes

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10 Flash

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11 Start Saving (Bonus)

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12 Supernatural (Acoustic Bonus)

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