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Mariah Carey
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A great Mariah Carey album. Here are the songs.
EMOTIONS-An excellent song. Great for singing along with in the car. Very danceable. Try to find some of the remixes if you can-they are worth it.

AND YOU DON'T REMEMBER-A very good song; very powerful vocals and excellent, moving lyrics.

CAN'T LET GO-Such a beautiful song. How annoying that it didn't go to #1, not to mention that it held on to #2 for so long! Doesn't this beautiful ballad take you back? No doubt, the best single off the album.

MAKE IT HAPPEN-A great song that was a good slight-exaggeration of Mariah's post-high school, pre-record deal life. I don't know why it gets such harsh criticism from some people. Very danceable and catchy, great vocals. Like Emotions, great remixes are rare but findable.

IF IT'S OVER-The music truly spells Carol King all over it (they both collaborated on it). A nice song, but Mariah seems to get a little overpassionate at time. The first few seconds of the song (dum-dum-a-dum, the drums) are so annoying that they make you skip over the song to the next track. Still, a worthy composition. The live version on UNPLUGGED is better.

YOU'RE SO COLD-A very odd song, hard to tell if it's supposed to be sad or uplifting; perhaps a bit of both. I'm tired of this sort of song, but this one is good. It is really a true illustration of her creativity if you think about.

SO BLESSED-Though an excellent ballad, this song was condemed to being a SIDE-B. What a shame, it should have been an A-side. One of her absolute best.

TO BE AROUND YOU-Another condemned SIDE-B, it was the side B to the CAN'T LET GO single. A very good dance song, I truly wish there had been some remixes to this. They'd've been fantastic, but they never came about.

TILL THE END OF TIME-Probably my favorite Mariah song ever, definitely my favorite from this album. This is why EMOTIONS is my favorite album of hers. You have to listen to this song to see what I mean-she was at her best here. If it had been a single, now that I think about it, it still probably wouldn't have gone anywhere, but that means nothing. This song truly belongs at the end or near the end of an album, it makes for a great closing, and so it's in perfect place in the tracklisting. What a shame, she'll probably never do it in concert again, if she ever did.

THE WIND-Very haunting and breathtaking. Its hard to believe a 21 year-old could write those lyrics! An excellent song, creates its own music video for you. A great close to the CD. (The man who wrote the music to this track, Russell Freeman, was living a less-than-satisfactory life when Mariah chose to write lyrics to his beautiful music. Since then, his life's been great again.)

A truly wonderful album! Is a great representative of early 90's adult-contemporary/pop music. You must get it if you haven't already. I recommend getting it in the MARIAH CAREY/EMOTIONS/MUSIC BOX box set edition, which is due out in early October. All three albums are amazing, especially Emotions.



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01 Emotions高清MV

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02 And You Don't Remember

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03 Can't Let Go高清MV

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04 Make It Happen高清MV

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05 If It's Over高清MV

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06 You're So Cold

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07 So Blessed

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08 To Be Around You

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09 Till The End Of Time

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10 The Wind

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