Casting Crowns - The Altar and the Door

The Altar and the Door
Casting Crowns
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After two Platinum-selling albums (Casting Crowns & Lifesong), one Platinum and one Gold live project (Live from Atlanta & Lifesong Live), numerous awards, and one of the most successful headlining tours in our industry, one might expect a different Casting Crowns. Those who meet this exceptional group, however, quickly realize they are still the same down-to-earth people with ministry at the heart of what they do both on the road, and in their local churches where each of the members serve on-staff or as laypeople, including lead singer/songwriter Mark Hall who still holds his post as youth pastor at his home church.

Casting Crowns third album, The Altar and The Door, draws on this first-hand ministry experience with real people, real life struggle and the faith that overcomes. At the altar, everything makes sense, says Hall. When we re in the church and spending time with God, we know what we re supposed to do and how to live. Everything is black and white. But somewhere between the altar and the door, when we leave and go out into our lives, it all leaks out. Everything gets gray again. It s like we have these two lives, and the Christian life is the journey between the altar and door....trying to get the things you ve got in your head, into your hands, into your feet, and into your life. This album is all about that journey of realization, the struggles we encounter and the victory of seeing it as possible.

The band is excited about the next ministry chapter to unfold, and is already planning Fall and Spring legs of The Altar and The Door Tour. With the debut radio single hitting in June and widespread media coverage starting late summer through the fall, this album is set to be another phenomenal release setting records and, more importantly, impacting hearts.

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01 What This World Needs

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02 Every Man

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03 Slow Fade高清MV

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04 East To West

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05 The Word Is Alive

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06 The Altar And The Door

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07 Somewhere In The Middle

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08 I Know You're There

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09 Prayer For A Friend

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10 All Because Of Jesus

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