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Fistful Of Metal
Aled Jones

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This album, in one word, is decent. It has it's merits, and is worth a listen, etc etc, but it is hardly a classic by any stretch of the imagination. This was Anthrax before the introduction of Joey Belladonna, their "classic era" singer (who has recently rejoined the band). This was anthrax before they became one of the most well known thrash bands (and one of the best) of all time.

The riffs in this album are pretty good, but i've noticed that the beginning riff to "deathrider" is taken from the riff near the end of the Metallica song "Motorbreath", which is kind of a cheap way to open the cd. That song was actually good, however, and has some decent soloing etc. The rest of the songs pretty much continue in the same vein as this, mid paced (for thrash metal) sound.

Most of the instruments on this album are pretty good, however, Charlie's drumming frankly is nowhere near as god as it became on, even the next album! It's not bad, but it fails to stand out at all, with some annoying interludes too (such as the stupid sounding 3 note drum interlude in Deathrider).

Overall it's a decent enough effort at the end of the day, but the bands work directly after this proved TWICE as good, heavier, with better vocals and musicianship yadda yadda yadda. Id really give it 2.80/5, it's not worth a full three.

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01 Deathrider

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02 Metal Thrashing Mad

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03 I'm Eighteen

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04 Panic

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05 Subjugator

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06 Soldiers Of Metal

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07 Death From Above

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08 Anthrax

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09 Across The River

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10 Howling Furies

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