[ti:Let Me Fly] [ar:Dmx] [al:It's Dark And Hell Is Hot] [offset:0] [00:01.10]Artist:dmx [00:01.81]Songs Title:let me fly [00:03.18]Album by: Its Dark And Hell Is Hot [00:04.87]Artist by: DMX [00:05.37]Uh. yea. uh. if you love something let it go, if it [00:12.81]Comes back to you its yours. if it doesnt, it never was. [00:16.12] [00:18.00]Hold me down baby [00:19.00] [00:19.81]Either let me fly, or give me death [00:21.93]Let my soul rest, take my breath [00:24.18]If I dont fly ima die anyway, ima live on [00:27.69]But Ill be gone any day [00:28.94] [00:29.57]Hold me down, niggaz wanna know me now [00:38.38] [00:42.30]Didnt want ta play wit me when to show me how [00:44.68]No meow [00:45.43]Is it all about the bark ? [00:47.18]Let the dog lose baby its about to spark [00:49.61]Light up the night, like the 4th of july [00:51.87]Niggaz know, when I let go, niggaz die [00:54.68]Wit this y and you dont know you slow like baltimore [00:57.49]If you aint tryin ta go ya blow [00:59.30]I soke up all the pain and except it in silence [01:02.05]When I let go its violence cause the wildest [01:04.24]Leaves the dog barkin up the tree for the cat [01:06.93]In the fog but yall niggaz see is the bat [01:08.94]Flappin away wit em blind like stevy [01:11.69]Niggas dont hear me, still tryin to see me [01:14.50]Stop being greedy, ya heard what I said [01:17.12]Let me go, let me flow on my bed [01:19.25]Chorus)(2x [01:28.96] [01:39.27]I sold my soul to the devil, and the price was cheap [01:41.71]A yo its cold on this level cause its twice as deep [01:44.02]But you dont hear me, ignorance is blisning and so on [01:46.59]Sometimes its better to be taught dumb [01:48.59]Shall I go on [01:49.40]You dont want no real, what the deal is a mystery [01:51.48]How is it I can live and make history [01:53.48]If you dont see it then it, wasnt ment for you to see [01:56.48]If you wasnt born wit it then, it wasnt ment for you to be [01:59.48]But you cant blame me for not wantin to be hound [02:01.48]Lock down in a cell wit a soul gettin dwelled [02:03.17]This is hell, go get the devil and get me the key [02:06.29]But cant be worst than the curse that was given ta me [02:08.79]Its what I live for, you take away that and Im gone [02:11.48]Theres a difference between, doin wrong and being wrong [02:13.92]And that aint right [02:14.92]Just keep it fair baby [02:16.42]Put me in the year, and Ill take it there baby [02:18.81]Yes chrous(X2) [02:23.37] [02:38.63]Ima flow regardless because Im an artist until Im trapped [02:41.19]Ima continue to hit he hardest whether I scrap or rap [02:43.75]Give me death but you aint my friend [02:45.75]I see it in your eyes, you contemplate my end [02:47.94]You waitin for that bin in the road, where you were told [02:50.32]That you would go, when you were old [02:52.19]And if you died young, it was told [02:53.69]So what the dilly, what it was worth [02:56.01]Think back 26 years, be like what of his birth [02:58.57]What if it was a miscarriage and I never existed [03:00.69]Have I given something that have been taken away you [03:02.76]Would of missed it [03:03.57]Didnt know, did I persisted ? [03:04.63]It was the call of the wild [03:05.88]Im here to say whats in my heart, and you call it a style [03:08.26]Dont put it in the cage, dont mistreat it [03:10.63]You say you hunger for knowledge, here it is eat it [03:12.63]Another soul completed is another thought captured [03:14.82]Let me do my thing I got it locked wit this rap shit [03:18.14] [03:39.71]Or give me death, uh uh uh, or take my breath [03:42.83]Ima die anyway, but Ill be gone any day [03:47.74] [03:49.11]Where my niggaz ? [03:52.61](3x)uh ha ha, for my niggaz