[ti:Eventually] [ar:M2M] [al:The Big Room] [offset:500] [00:15.15]Open your eyes [00:17.28]Undo the seem [00:19.70]It's not like before [00:22.33]It's not just a dream [00:25.11]A hint of a smile [00:27.29]As your hand touches mine [00:30.36]No longer alone [00:32.94]I feel them entwine [00:36.93]Ah ah ah...Eventually [00:56.47] [00:58.01]I'm holding your hand [00:59.64]You say quietly [01:02.53]Baby don't go [01:05.02]Stay here with me [01:07.53]So this is it [01:09.95]To you I belong [01:12.78]No more goodbyes [01:15.42]We knew all along [02:01.54][01:18.38]Ah ah ah...Eventually [01:40.20] [01:51.17]Open you eyes shhh... [01:57.97]It's not just a dream