[ti:Fantasy] [ar:Appleton] [al:] [offset:500] [00:11.76]Do you know what to do? [00:18.15]Would you know where to touch me [00:21.39]If I want you to? [00:24.26]Do you feel what I feel? [00:29.61]Could you handle me now [00:32.28]Now this moment is real? [00:34.88] [00:35.14]I know, you know [00:36.98]Everything will be OK [00:39.33]If you treat me right, [00:40.91]Green light, all night [00:44.03]Are you gonna get it your way today? [00:46.43] [03:17.29][02:53.95][01:56.21][00:47.33]I ain't foolin' around [03:21.66][02:58.65][02:00.09][00:51.56]Now that you see [03:23.10][02:59.97][02:02.20][00:52.80]What's about to go down [03:27.78][03:04.22][02:06.53][00:57.03]Now that it's time [03:28.91][03:05.75][02:07.96][00:58.54]Boy, to let yourself in [03:33.06][03:10.03][02:12.75][01:02.91]You gotta prove to me boy [03:35.16][03:12.02][02:14.23][01:04.90]That you've got what it takes [03:36.56][03:13.40][02:15.63][01:06.35]Now I bet you can't wait [03:38.27][03:15.24][02:17.45][01:07.81]For me to be your fantasy [01:13.74][01:10.38]For me to be your fantasy [03:42.38][03:40.94][03:40.49][01:15.59] [01:21.43]Do you like what you see? [01:27.35]Do you feel that you're closer to reality [01:33.39]Boy, this isn't a dream [01:38.79]Can you be everything that I want you to be [01:44.30] [02:42.69][01:44.50]I'm better than anyone [02:44.86][01:46.96]Anyone you ever had [02:46.73][01:48.81]So c'mon, give up, give in to me [02:50.07][01:52.12]Show me how I drive you mad [02:51.78][01:53.79]How you want to be, be so bad [02:54.07][01:56.05] [02:24.99][02:19.51]Now that you know I ain't foolin' around [02:27.90][02:22.11]Now that you see what's about to go down [02:30.07] [02:30.56]I can be anyone, anytime, any place [02:33.32]Any game you wanna play [02:34.79]Anything you wanna do [02:36.23]Cos you have [02:37.20]Anywhere, anytime, any place [02:38.99]Showme what to do for you [02:40.47]Anything you want me to [02:42.04]