[ti:Cinnamon Girl] [ar:Prince] [al:Musicology] [offset:500] [00:00.00]Prince - Cinnamon Girl [00:17.79]As war drums beat in Babylon [00:21.47]Cinnamon girl starts 2 pray [00:25.39]Eye've never heard a prayer like this 1 [00:29.08]Never b4 that day [00:31.42] [00:32.62]Tearful words of love 4 people she had never met b4 [00:40.02]Asking God 2 grant them mercy in this face of a holy war [00:53.87][00:46.56]Cinnamon Girl [00:57.63][00:50.07] [01:02.11]Cinnamon Girl of mixed heritage [01:05.77]Never knew the meaning of color lines [01:09.50]911 turned that all around [01:13.29]When she got accused of this crime [01:16.12] [01:16.77]So began the mass illusion, war on terror alibi [01:24.23]What's the use when the god of confusion [01:27.79]keeps on telling the same lie? [01:38.13][01:30.68]Cinnamon Girl [01:41.68][01:33.70] [01:46.61]Don't cry, don't shed no tears [01:50.44]1 night won't make us feel [01:53.90]Cause we know how this movie's ending [01:58.10] [02:04.39]Cinnamon Girl [02:07.38] [02:27.30]As war drums beat in Babylon [02:30.86]And scorch the blood red sky [02:34.69]Militants bomb the foreign gun [02:38.35]Both sides children die [02:41.36] [02:42.00]Cinnamon girl opens the book [02:45.09]she knows will settle all the scores [02:49.35]Then she prays after the war [02:52.44]that there will not b anymore [03:18.03][03:10.61][03:03.24][02:55.87]Cinnamon Girl