[ti:Eyes On Me] [ar:王菲] [al:] [00:00.00]歌手:王菲 [00:00.00]歌名:Eyes On Me [00:00.00] [00:28.00]Whenever sang my songs [00:33.00]On the stage , on my own [00:38.00]Whenever said my words [00:44.00]Wishing they would be heard [00:49.00]I saw you smiling at me [00:54.00]Was it real or just my fantasy [00:59.00]You’d always be there in the corner [01:04.00]Of this tiny little bar [01:10.00]My last night here for you [01:16.00]samg old songs , just once more [01:21.00]My last night here with you ? [01:26.00]Maybe yes , maybe no [01:31.00]I kind of liked it your way [01:36.00]How you shyly placed your eyes on me [01:42.00]Oh , did you ever know ? [01:47.00]That I had mine on you [04:32.00][01:54.00]Darling , so there you are [04:37.00][01:59.00]With that look on your face [04:43.00][02:05.00]As if you’re never hurt [04:48.00][02:10.00]As if you’re never down [04:53.00][02:16.00]Shall I be the one for you [04:58.00][02:21.00]Who pinches you softly but sure [05:05.00][02:27.00]If frown is shown then [05:07.00][02:30.00]I will know that you are on dreamer [03:04.00]So let me come to you [03:10.00]Close as I wanted to be [03:15.00]Close enough for me [03:20.00]To feel your heart beating fast [03:25.00]And stay there as I whisper [03:31.00]How I love you peaceful eyes on me [03:37.00]Did you ever know [03:41.00]That I had mine on you [03:48.00]Darling , so share with me [03:54.00]Your love if you have enough [03:59.00]Your tests if you’re holding back [04:04.00]Or pain if that’s what it is [04:09.00]How can I let you know [04:15.00]I’m more than the dress and the voice [04:21.00]Just reach me out then [04:24.00]You will know that you’re not dreaming