[ti:Say Say] [ar:Press Play] [al:Life Is Beautiful] [by:活在當下] [00:01.12]Press Play - Say Say (feat. Irocc Williams) [00:04.44] [00:05.87]LRC制作:活在當下 QQ:6313827 [00:58.77][00:12.49] [00:59.87][00:13.11]You turn me inside out [01:02.88][00:15.43]You turn my world around [01:05.79][00:18.40]Its me you love you do [01:08.68][00:21.30]You know you do, You know you do [01:11.87][00:24.62]When I think of all the times you held me up [01:14.63][00:27.26]Going the extra mile just to show your love [01:17.61][00:30.27]Not a moment you weren’t there beside me [01:20.51][00:32.88]So I’m proud to say you’re the one for me [02:10.26][01:47.07][01:22.99][00:35.21] [02:34.07][02:22.48][02:16.98][02:11.21][01:34.77][01:23.30][00:47.31][00:35.58]I wanna say say [02:35.96][02:24.50][02:19.88][02:14.02][01:36.68][01:24.83][00:49.44][00:37.40]All I want is you, you, you [02:38.72][02:26.93][01:39.52][01:27.68][00:52.21][00:40.27]Shout it out, Hey! Yeah! [02:42.89][02:30.95][01:43.59][01:31.63][00:56.29][00:44.42]You’re everything [02:48.45]