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01 I'll Meet You There

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02 Nothing’s Real but Love

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03 Glitter & Gold

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04 Shoulder To Shoulder高清MV

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05 Fairytale (Let Me Live My Life This Way)

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06 Mr. Bright Eyes高清MV

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07 Fighting Suspicions

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08 Teach Me How to Be Loved高清MV

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09 Run Free

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10 Diamond to Stone

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Rebecca Ferguson is an English singer-songwriter born in Liverpool, who became notable as the runner-up of the seventh series of The X Factor to Matt Cardle in 2010. Ferguson became the new face of Walkers crisps Sunbites as of June 2011.[1] She released her debut single "Nothing Real but Love" on 20 November 2011 and entered the offical UK charts at number 10 on 26 November. Her debut album, Heaven, was released on 5 December 2011.[2]
Early life

Ferguson is a student and single mother from Anfield, Liverpool.[3] She is a qualified legal secretary, having studied at Hugh Baird College, Bootle.[4] She had previously unsuccessfully auditioned for The X Factor and for P. Diddy's Starmaker in New York.[3]
[edit] Music career
[edit] 2009–10: The X Factor and P. Diddy's Starmaker

Ferguson had previously unsuccessfully auditioned for The X Factor and for P. Diddy's Starmaker in New York.[3] She sang "A Change Is Gonna Come" during her initial audition.[3] At her bootcamp audition, she sang "Like a Star" to which Cowell said "That is a recording voice!" and Nicole Scherzinger said, "I told you first time I saw her, she is our generation’s songbird."[5] She sang "Fireflies" at judges' houses and made it through to the live shows.[6] For the first live show she sang "Teardrops" and in the second live show she sang "Feeling Good". In the third live show she sang "Why Don't You Do Right?" and in the fourth live show she sang "Wicked Game". In the fifth live show, Rebecca received a standing ovation from Simon and Cheryl following her performance of "Make You Feel My Love". In the following episode, Rebecca received another standing ovation from Dannii and Cheryl after singing "Candle in the Wind". In the final, she performed a duet with Christina Aguilera, performing Aguilera's hit single "Beautiful". Ferguson's winner's song was a cover of Duffy's "Distant Dreamer", but she finished as the runner-up to Matt Cardle, making her the first female runner-up on The X Factor. After the final, it was announced that Ferguson had been signed by Syco Music,.[7]
[edit] 2011–present: Heaven

In January 2011, it was reported that Ferguson had signed a joint record deal between Syco and Epic Records.[7][8] Her debut album has been confirmed and is due for release on 5 December 2011.[9] Ferguson became the new face of Walkers crisps Sunbites as of June 2011.[10] Ferguson released her debut single "Nothing's Real but Love" on 20 November 2011. It was written by Ferguson and Eg White. Ferguson's album will be released on 5 December. It includes new material, all co-written by herself. Speaking about her experiences recording her debut album, Ferguson explained: "I've loved writing and recording the album throughout this year so I'm really excited for everyone to hear it! I feel like I've learnt a lot about myself going through the writing process, putting my experiences on paper and into the tracks. It's a record I'm really proud of."[11] "Nothing's Real but Love" premiered on Monday 17 October 2011 on BBC Radio 1Xtra[citation needed] and she performed it live on The X Factor on 20 November 2011. On 18 November 2011, Ferguson announced her first UK Tour spanning 14 dates from 20 February to 13 March 2012. Simon Cowell posted on his Twitter account on 21 November how proud he was of Ferguson's album saying, "I am absolutely blown away by @RebeccaFMusic, her album and by her performance. Congratulations!"[12].

On 16 November Rebecca revealed that she told label boss Simon Cowell that she wanted to write her debut album. She admitted that she refused to record material written for her as she wanted to create her own songs for new LP Heaven. She is quoted by The Sun as saying: "Syco have been really brilliant – as soon as I put my foot down they back off completely. I just wanted songs I'd written on the album. At first I was going into sessions with writers who'd pretty much got all of the songs done already. But I told management they needed to let me write it because otherwise no-one's going to think I'm a credible artist. Then they let me just go into sessions on my own – I couldn't believe it."I told Simon Cowell I was writing my album Heaven".

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