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01 Oxygen Mask

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02 Kind

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03 Ambulance

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04 Memories (Album Version)

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05 Marsh King's Daughter (Non-Album Track)

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06 A Sight To Behold (Album Version)

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07 Combinations (Album Version)

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08 Ten Cent Blues (Album Version)

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09 A Sight To Behold (Album Version)

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10 Memories (Album Version)

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Eisley is a rock band from Tyler, Texas, consisting of four siblings (ChauntelleSherri,Stacy, and Weston DuPree) and their cousin (Garron DuPree), all of whom were born and live in Texas. Although the band's name translates to ice island in several Germanic languages, it was actually selected by the bandmates because of its link to the Star Wars saga (i.e.Mos Eisley).



The band was formed in 1997 when Chauntelle and Sherri began creating music together after having been inspired by bands like the BeatlesJeremy Enigk, and Radiohead. Younger sister Stacy (who was then 8 years old) became frustrated over their insistence that she was too young to be a part of the band and wrote her own song without their help before she was inducted. Their brother Weston (who was then 10 years old) soon joined the band as the drummer. Jonathan Wilson, a family friend, was brought on to play bass.

Early years

Boyd and Kim Dupree, parents of the four DuPree siblings, ran a venue called Brewtones Coffee Galaxy by occupying the space of their church on days when it was not in use. Eisley, then known as the Towheads, began years of service as the house band, giving them their first exposure. At Brewtones,