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TQ - get paid feat. the outlawz歌词

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words by tim jensen music by yoko kanno
song by Mayu jensen
after dark
we kick into super funk
best stay clear
and hope it's not too bright
if a tricky situation
gets your motor motivation
that's nice
meet me after nine
hip-hopadelic delight
ain't no nine to five
if you can dig it

get paid feat. the outlawzLRC歌词

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[00:04.14]words by tim jensen music by yoko kanno
[00:10.72]song by Mayu jensen
[00:17.17]after dark
[00:18.57]we kick into super funk
[00:21.20]best stay clear
[00:22.76]and hope it's not too bright
[00:25.63]if a tricky situation
[00:27.20]gets your motor motivation
[00:30.00]that's nice
[00:32.69]meet me after nine
[00:37.09]hip-hopadelic delight
[00:39.20]run rabbit configuration [synthetic application]
[00:41.38]ain't no nine to five
[00:45.77]if you can dig it