[ti:Evil Twin] [ar:Eminem] [al:The Marshall Mathers LP2] [00:00.50]Yeah, trying to figure out the difference [00:06.98]But I think the lines are starting to get blurry [00:10.54] [00:11.79]I'm in a strange place [00:12.73]I feel like Mase when he gave up [00:14.60]the game for his faith [00:15.60]I feel like I'm caged in these [00:16.91]chains and restraints [00:17.97]Grinning every stranger in the place [00:19.78]while I gaze into space [00:21.40]Cause I'm mentally rearranging his face [00:23.83]I need a change of pace cause the [00:25.33]pace I'm working at is dangerous [00:26.83]There's nowhere to dump this anger [00:28.58]and thanks to this angst [00:29.64]I done quit chicken heads in cold turkey [00:31.76]and started slowly roasting 'em [00:33.01]Cause that's where most of my anger is based [00:34.83] [00:36.14]Fuck your feelings, I feel like I play for the Saints [00:38.83]I just want to hurt you, aim for the skanks [00:40.89] [00:42.33]Then aim for all these fake Kanye's, Jay's, [00:44.32]Wayne's and the Drake's [00:45.38]I'm frustrated cause ain't no more N'Sync, [00:47.94]now I'm all out of wack [00:49.19]I'm all out of Backstreet Boys to call out and attack [00:51.87]I'm going all out in this rap shit and whatever the fallout is [00:55.11]I'm strapped for battles, suck a duck, [00:56.86]crawl out the back, bar fight [00:58.42] [00:58.98]Prepare your arsenal and beware of bar stools flying through the air [01:02.35]And bottles breaking, mirrors also [01:04.17]And I ain't stopping 'til the swear jar's full [01:06.47]You done called every woman a slut, [01:08.16]but you forgetting Sarah, Marshall [01:09.76] [01:10.98]Oh my bad, slut [01:12.35]And next time I show up in court [01:14.16]I'll be naked and square a lawsuit [01:15.72]Judge be like [01:16.74] [01:17.74]how much that motherfucker cost you ? [01:20.05]Smart ass, you lucky I don't tear it off you [01:21.86]And jmp your bones, you sexy motherfucker [01:23.85]You so fucking gravy, Marshall, [01:25.54]I should start calling you [01:26.64] [01:27.27]Cause all you do is spit them lyrics out the [01:30.34]Evil twin, take this beat now, it's on you'' [01:33.02]I believe people can change, but only for the worse [01:35.39]I could've changed the world if it wasn't for this verse [01:38.33]So satanic panic [01:38.74] [01:40.62]Cause they can't even spin back the curse words [01:42.49]Cause it works when they're reversed, motherfucker [01:44.87] [01:48.74]And these kids are like parrots [01:50.05]They run around the house just like terrorists [01:52.36]Screaming ''fuck, shit, fuck'' [01:53.49]Adult with a child is like arrogance [01:55.98]Wild ever since the day I came out I was like'merits, fuck that'' [01:59.66]I'd rather be loud and I like swearing [02:01.54]From the first album even the gals were like tight , screamy eyes'' [02:05.16]But my fucking mouth was nightmare-ish [02:07.09] [02:07.78]And from the start of it you felt like you were a part of this [02:10.83]And the opposition felt the opposite [02:12.58]Sometimes I listen and revisit them old albums [02:15.20]Often as I can and skim through all them bitches [02:17.39]To make sure I keep up with my competition [02:19.51]of beats, hoarder of rhymes [02:22.31]Borderline genius who's bored of his lines [02:24.38]And that sort of defines where I'm at and the way I feel now [02:28.12]Feel like I might just strike first and ignore the replies [02:30.87]This darkness comes in me [02:32.49](Evil twin) [02:32.67] [02:34.04]And comes again [02:34.93] [02:38.86]That ain't me [02:39.83] [02:43.32]He's just a friend who pops up now and again [02:46.88] [02:47.50]So don't blame me, blame him [02:51.30]I step out and see my evil twin, he gives me an evil grin [02:54.23]Welcome back to the land of the living, my friend [02:56.79]You have slept for quite some time [02:59.41]So who's left ? Lady Gaga ? Messed with the Bieber [03:01.97]Nah, F with Christina, I ain't fucking with either Jessica neither [03:05.65]Simpson or Alba, my albums just sicker than struck with feverthe [03:08.93] [03:11.86]Feel like I'm burning to death, but I'm freezin' [03:15.23]Bed-written and destined to never leave the [03:17.17]Bedroom ever again like the legend of Heather Ledger [03:20.85]My suicide notes, barely legible read the [03:22.97]Bottom, it's signed by The Joker [03:24.78]Lorraine said I never can leave her [03:26.52]She'd sever my wiener I ever deceive her [03:29.27]Fuck that shit, bitch [03:30.64]Give up my dick for pussy, I'd be Jerry Mathers [03:32.89]at the beaver [03:33.65] [03:34.83]Get them titties cut off trying to mess with the cleaver [03:37.39]Golly-wally registered Jesus [03:40.32]Ever since 1-9-9-4-6 dresser it was definite lean [03:43.88]My destiny went on the steps, I met Deshaun at Osbourne [03:47.25]I'd never make it to sophomore [03:48.68]I just wanted to skip school and rap, used to mop floors [03:51.62]Flip burgers and wash dishes, but I wrote [03:53.99]rhymes trying to get props for 'em [03:55.42]Cause I took book-smarts and swapped for 'em [03:57.42]They was sleeping, I made them stop snorin' [03:59.48]Made them break out the popcorn [04:00.73]Now I've been hip hop in its tip top form [04:03.16]Since N.W.A. was blaring through my car [04:05.47]windows leaning on the horn [04:06.78]Screaming ''fuck the police'' like cop porn [04:09.15]Flipped rap on its ear like I dropped coin [04:11.84]Fuck top 5, bitch, I'm top 4 [04:14.89]ANd that includes Biggie and Pac, whore [04:17.01]And I got an evil twin, so who do you think [04:19.07]that's 3rd and that 4th spot's for ? [04:20.82]And as crazy as I am I'm much tamer than him [04:23.44]And I'm nuts, then again who the fuck wants to plain Eminem ? [04:26.62]But no one's insaner than Slim, look at that evil grin (evil twin) [04:29.87]Please come in, what was your name again ? [04:32.36]Hi, faggot [04:33.43]Look who's back with a crab up his ass [04:35.36]like a lobster crawled up there [04:36.55]Two rabbits, a koala bear and a ball of hair [04:38.71]And you're all aware I ain't got it all upstairs [04:40.71]Guess that's why I'm an addict and it's just small up there [04:43.96]Peace to Whitney, geez, just hit me [04:46.39]That I should call the looney police to come get me [04:49.26]Cause I'm so sick of being the truth [04:51.13]I wish somebody finally admit me [04:52.88]Into a mental hospital with Britney [04:55.00]Oh, LMFAO, no way, ho [04:57.82] [04:59.32]couldn't beat this rap, OJ no [05:01.44]Hooray, I'm off the hook like Casey Anthony [05:04.00]Hey ho, hey ho [05:05.62]I sound like I'm trying to sing the chorus to fucking hip hop hooray [05:09.12]No, I'm hollering, you got bottom in like an a-hole [05:12.61]Eight and a base whether I'mfucking off that instead of your face, ho [05:16.17]Let your low hand raise, yo [05:18.29]Tango, what you think, ho ? [05:20.79]Slow dancing in the bowling [05:22.10]You trying to hold hands with your homie ? [05:24.28]What ? You think I'm looking for romance cause I'm lonely ? [05:27.09]Change that tune, you ain't got remote chance to control me [05:29.71]Ho, I'm only vulnerable when I got a boner [05:33.02]Superman tried to fuck me over, it won't hurt [05:35.89]Don't try to fix me, I'm broke so I don't work [05:38.57]So are you, but you're broke cause you don't work [05:41.53] [05:42.78]But all bullshit aside I hit a stride [05:44.90]Still Shady inside, hair every bit is dyed [05:47.46]As it used to be when I first introduced y'all to my skiddish side [05:51.20]And blamed it on him when they tried criticizeto [05:52.69] [05:53.51]Cause we are the same, bitch