[ti:Sofi Needs a Ladder] [ar:Deadmau5] [al:4x4=12 (Deluxe Version)] [00:02.38] [00:08.30][00:40.32]Sofi Needs a Ladder [00:16.92][00:48.32] [00:24.74][00:56.30]Deadmau5 [00:32.32][01:04.30] [01:30.48][04:00.44]Let's play musical chairs' one of my favorite games [04:04.16][01:34.18]Especially now that you and I have traded place [04:07.99][01:37.99]You walk around in shoes that don't fit for a change [04:11.63][01:41.62]There is no way for you to win this race [04:15.40][01:45.48]Criss cross and turn your shirt inside out [04:18.31][01:48.58]You like to think I can't figure you out' but the tables have turned [04:23.01][01:52.92]What goes around comes around' you're about to get burned [04:26.82][01:56.93]Flip the script' you're checking in' I'm checking you out [04:30.47][02:00.49]You're just too sweet till you get on my nerves and hurt like cavity [04:34.13][02:04.17]You left a bad taste in my mouth' my Sour Patch Kid [04:37.92][02:07.90]You and me' it's no mystery' no magic trick [04:41.32][02:11.40]Let me hear this broken record again' just press repeat [04:45.17][02:15.18]I can be your new favorite waste of time' and you'll be mine [04:48.82][02:18.95]All I want is your attention' it's all the same thing [04:53.05][02:23.07]Are you in? What's it gonna be? [04:56.39][02:26.40]Don't roll with the punches' make it hard for me baby. [05:04.44][02:31.99] [05:45.16][05:30.05][05:15.06][03:15.06][03:00.10][02:45.32]Drop you like a needle on the record' scratch my itch [05:48.41][05:33.40][05:18.44][03:18.39][03:03.43][02:48.45] [05:52.62][05:37.65][05:22.61][03:22.65][03:07.61][02:52.53]Drop you like a needle on the record' flip my switch [05:55.93][05:40.94][05:26.47][03:25.91][03:10.89][02:55.91]Go around in circles' hit the beat [05:58.54][05:43.68][05:28.62][03:28.74][03:13.59][02:59.61]