[ti:向日葵] [ar:彭靖惠] [al:纯粹慵懒] [00:05.94]歌名:向日葵 [00:14.32]歌手:彭靖惠 [00:20.07] [00:25.62]作词:徐世珍 作曲:彭靖惠 [00:44.28]到底该不该 管它该不该 [00:49.66]就是奋不顾身的喜欢 [00:55.18]开心的你 说谎的失约的你 [01:00.47]忐忑不安 [01:06.35]朝着你盛开 绕着你而转 [01:11.87]模仿你的样子和色彩 [01:17.47]身为只能 被你唤醒的花朵 [01:22.66]奢求答案 [01:34.60]阳光不肯回答 [01:39.33]向日葵只能远远梦想 [01:45.58]寂寞的重量压得我把头低下 [01:50.99]花季里微笑着勉强 [01:56.76]只是紮了根的心走不远哪 [02:02.26]只是紮了根的心走不远哪 [02:09.34]it's not that don't wanna have you in sight [02:12.59]I just really really hate to start the fight [02:15.35]If you lie you deny and if you say goodbye [02:17.97]Will I ever be able to stop the cry [02:21.15]So just give me some time a little bit more time [02:23.65]Let me slowly forget how we met [02:25.53]No upsets no regrets But not yet [02:28.48]I'll stay a while [02:30.05]Cuz I love to see you smile [02:40.45]I"ll stay a while just to see you smile [02:43.95]朝着你盛开 绕着你而转 [02:49.31]每天都有最新的悲哀 [02:54.96]阳光不肯回答 [02:59.98]向日葵只能远远梦想 [03:06.25]寂寞的重量压得我把头低下 [03:11.67]花季里微笑着勉强 [03:17.50]只是紮了根的心走不远哪 [03:22.88]阳光它总是不肯回答 [03:27.81]向日葵只能远远梦想 [03:33.84]寂寞的重量压得我把头低下 [03:39.43]花季里微笑着勉强 [04:10.45]只是紮了根的心走不远哪 [04:28.46]只是紮了根的心走不远哪 [04:46.85]只是紮了根的心走不远哪