[ti:Blown Away] [ar:Akon] [al:] [by:(爱歌词网www.1ting.com] [00:00.00]Blown Away [00:01.28]This shit is crazy [00:05.42]Crazy [00:08.44]It\'s one of those things man [00:10.47]You gotta experience to know what I\'m talkin\' about [00:11.30]Ha ha [00:11.74]It\'s where the goin\' get rough [00:13.32]Akon [00:14.32]The tough stay tough [00:15.35]Styles P [00:16.67]Up front [00:17.20]Let\'s go [00:18.29]Konvict [00:22.04]We in too deep to turn back now D [00:24.01]Sure is [00:25.45]Watch yourself [00:26.66]Before you get [00:27.57]Blown away [00:29.42]You know where I come from [00:30.59]The place where your fate is a mic [00:32.10]Or a bull or a dum dum [00:33.62]A jail cell a pine box [00:34.94]And brothers is dumb young [00:36.15]Young boys [00:37.38]Still bustin\' guns for the slum [00:38.47]that they come from [00:39.21]Cops is the only ones they gon\' run from [00:41.35]That\'s it [00:41.93]They puttin\' they hood up [00:43.37]But 9 out of 10 of us ain\'t got good luck [00:45.17]You gon\' ride on a man and catch 25 [00:47.72]Or get hit and get sent to the other side [00:50.51]You lose both sides of the coin [00:52.81]So me I play the hood baby [00:54.54]Not in the [00:55.62]Mama got a little church I could join [00:57.45]But I didn\'t go yet [00:58.62]Man got a mosque I could join [01:00.15]But I didn\'t go yet [01:01.32]Cool with the devil on my back [01:02.59]I\'m in cold sweats [01:03.64]Bout to do some dirt [01:04.91]In some dirty black old sweats [01:06.03]If you known you shoulda shown the way [01:08.38]Mosta the hood bout to get blown away [01:11.08]Cause I was raised up to show no fear [01:12.99]Cowardly hearts\'ll never last long here [01:15.54]If you ain\'t man enough to make shit clear [01:18.28]Guaranteed you\'ll get blown away [01:21.25]Cause I done seen the block break down tears [01:23.53]And I done seen the cops break my peers [01:25.97]Tryin\' to hold on to a couple more years [01:28.67]Tryin\' not to get blown away [01:31.71]See I ain\'t never shot