[ti:Sometimes] [ar:M2M] [al:The Big Room] [offset:500] [00:15.72]The rain's pouring down [00:16.91]And you wish you could find [00:18.63]A deep hole in the ground [00:21.96]Aunt red knocks on your door [00:25.24]And it feels like you're crawling all over the floor [00:28.35]And your boyfriend says [00:31.70]"Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?" [02:23.02][02:10.67][01:21.11][00:35.82]Sometimes you just feel like [02:26.13][02:13.63][01:24.05][00:38.47]The tight pants that you have don't fit [02:29.26][02:16.75][01:27.42][00:41.53]Sometimes guys just make you sick [02:32.43][02:19.76][01:30.57][00:44.60]And you're looking for something to kick [02:35.35][01:33.71][00:47.77]You feel so lost in this pretty world [02:38.69][01:36.77][00:51.14]That's how it sometimes feels to be a girl [00:58.25] [01:01.41]Your brother always has to complain [01:04.47]He don't understand [01:06.22]He think he's a real man [01:07.75]My favorite TV show is starting soon [01:10.87]Up with the ice cream and a spoon [01:14.15]Think positive my father says [01:17.34]"It's a wonderful soccer game today!" [01:44.29]Sympathy can be OK [01:49.84]But not when I feel horrible like today