[ti:Melody Fair] [ar:Bee Gees] [al:The Very Best Of The Bee Gees] [by:炫网资讯 Liuxuan.com] [00:02.00]Bee Gees [03:16.00][03:04.00][02:13.00][02:01.00][01:10.00][00:58.00][00:10.00]Melody Fair [00:20.00] [02:33.00][00:27.00]Who Is The Girl With The Crying Face [02:38.00][00:33.00]Looking At Millions Of Signs [02:44.00][00:39.00]She Knows That Life Is A Running Race [02:50.00][00:45.00]Her Face Shouldn't Show Any Sign [02:53.00][01:51.00][00:48.00]Melody Fair Won't You Comb Your Hair [02:59.00][01:56.00][00:54.00]You Can Be Beautiful Too [03:08.00][02:05.00][01:02.00]Remember You're Only A Woman Ah Ah [03:20.00][02:17.00][01:14.00]Remember You're Only A Girl [03:29.00][02:26.00][01:23.00]Ah......... [01:30.00]Who Is The Girl At The Window Pane [01:36.00]Watching The Rain Falling Down [01:42.00]Melody Life Isn't Like The Rain [01:47.00]It's Just Like A Merry-Go-Round