[ti:Smokin smokin weed] [ar:Snoop Dogg] [al:The Blue Carpet Treatment] [00:00.83]Snoop Dogg - Smokin smokin weed [00:03.81] [00:08.50](Snoop Dogg:) smokin smokin smokin [00:09.44](Chorus:) [00:10.43]Smokin Smokin Weed [00:12.18]Havin a party (Bring the weed) [00:14.19]I'm a invite her [00:16.76]I got my lighter (Got a blunt) [00:19.14]I'm gettin higher [00:20.59]Smokin smokin weed [00:21.98](Snoop Dogg:) [00:22.43]Jumped out my bed and I head downstairs [00:24.41]Wiped the boogers out my eyes [00:25.63]Put some braids in my hair [00:27.16]Grabbed my favorite toothbrush [00:28.13]And then some crest [00:29.47]Rinse my mouth out [00:30.28]Now I'm ready for the rest [00:31.88]Break it down, roll it up [00:33.18]Pass if you had enough [00:34.66]You with the big boss dogg [00:35.93]So gon and puff puff [00:37.89]Real talk [00:38.95]Can u still walk [00:40.10]Have a seat [00:40.51]Have a drink [00:41.40]Now rest your feet [00:42.44]See that's the problem [00:43.30]You think that you can go with me [00:44.95]Smokin cest your whole life [00:46.11]Now you wanna blow with me [00:47.51]Go to the store with me [00:48.69]And get some swishy sweet [00:49.97]And grab a bite to eat [00:51.30]Before you fall out [00:52.84]I'm a ball out [00:53.83]And everday [00:54.64]We gon smoke until we all out [00:56.05]And that's a promise cause [00:57.56]We got the bombest bud [00:58.70]And you can ask Ray J [01:00.08]He know what time it was [01:00.97](Smokin smokin weed) [01:02.66]In the cadillac [01:03.81]With my head back [01:05.29]Feelin real good [01:06.57]Cause it's like that [01:07.79]Another 20 sac [01:09.20]We got plenty that [01:10.24]We keep doin that [01:11.00]Smokin smokin weed [01:12.40](la la la la la la la...) [01:12.72]Smokin on these trees [01:14.45]Keeps me at ease [01:17.28]With these [01:18.79]Crazy things I see [01:22.39]Smokin on these trees [01:24.90]Keeps me iit seems [01:27.54]And I don't just where I'd be [01:31.22]Smokin Weed! [01:32.09](Chorus:) [01:32.63]Smokin Smokin Weed [01:33.33]Havin a party (Bring the weed) [01:35.20]I'm a invite her [01:37.75]I got my lighter (Got a blunt) [01:40.15]I'm gettin higher [01:42.77]Wish you would pass it (guess I'll wait) [01:45.17]I'm right beside her [01:47.67]I got an ashtray (at my place) [01:50.15]Where did my pipe go? [01:51.38](Shortymack:) [01:52.15]So what you got nigga? (knockout) [01:53.79]I got the cush and the yerp [01:55.34]Packaged in Ps to keep the feds of my chirp [01:58.42]Uhh cause my nerves on alert [02:00.29]Paranoid like your boy cookin up the work [02:01.91](Smokin smokin weed) [02:03.52]Look pimpin I ain't touchin that dirt [02:05.18]I ain't smokin that shit [02:06.52]It make your whole head hurt [02:07.85]I got the card for the cataract [02:09.28]Doctor say it's legal [02:10.46]To twist up green [02:11.61]Call it Philadel eagle (shortymack) [02:14.02]Knockout pays me my check [02:15.63]Silver haze blowin out the lambourghini air vents [02:18.40]I got the blunts and a pound of leaves [02:20.15]I been the purp man plus I got that OG [02:21.86](Ray J:) [02:22.86](I wanna) [02:23.47]Roll it, roll it [02:24.45]Twist that, twist that [02:25.39](I wanna) [02:25.95]Fire it up [02:27.26]Then get that, get that [02:28.12](I wanna) [02:28.78]Pass it around [02:29.52]Get bent back bent back [02:30.62]Give it back to me! [02:31.79](Chorus) [02:51.62](Slim Thug:) [02:52.21](Slim Thugga Muh Fugga) [02:53.95]Blaze in the bush of that cush [02:56.56]You gotta pull hard then push [02:58.82]I blow dro but to each his own [03:00.85]And I keep shit fit like Cheech and Chong [03:03.47]We can be outta town [03:04.58]We can be at home [03:06.01]I keep a good connect for that Cali grown [03:08.70]Weed so strong you can smell it through the sac [03:11.04]It's in the backpack in the trunk of the 'lac [03:13.86]It's a buck that's a fact [03:14.77]Won't accept nothin less [03:16.07]So you can smoke alone [03:17.26]On your sack of stress (yes) [03:19.06]Pass the cush [03:19.84]Lemme hit that next [03:20.83]Slim thugga muh fugga [03:22.47]I smoke the best [03:23.20](Chorus) [03:44.53]Ha ha it's your boy Ray J [03:47.13]You know what? I'm a roll up one right now [03:50.04]And celebrate a lil bit [03:51.99]You know Raydiation in stores right now [03:54.03]Ya'll go get it [03:55.49]Shortymack comin real soon [03:57.10]It's about to get ugly [04:02.86](fade out......)