[ti:Believe] [ar:杜德伟] [al:Talking Heart to Heart] [00:01.00]Believe [00:06.00]杜德伟 [00:33.00]Now I'm off to see the wizard [00:35.00]He who hold the key [00:36.00]To give me answers to the questions I need [00:38.00]He told me that I wasn't happy about the way of my world [00:41.00]And I had to tend to say I agree [00:44.00]Then he told me that you got to change your state of mind [00:47.00]You got to start at the beginning leave all behind [00:50.00]Take a new direction [00:52.00]Believe in your decision [00:53.00]And take it to the top and no one's gonna stop me [03:24.00][03:01.00][01:52.00][00:56.00]*I feel a chill when it rain rain rains [03:04.00][01:54.00][00:58.00]And I just won't let it get to me [03:29.00][03:07.00][01:57.00][01:01.00]I shake me head and go my my my [03:09.00][01:59.00][01:04.00]See my face and know what I mean [03:35.00][03:12.00][02:03.00][01:07.00]Make some sense out of this whole mess [03:15.00][02:05.00][01:09.00]And I couldn't careless if it kills me [03:40.00][03:18.00][02:08.00][01:12.00]Give me room to express myself [03:21.00][02:11.00][01:15.00]Just as long as I believe in me [01:29.00]A pocket full of wishes and a world of dreams [01:32.00]And I never seem to be complete [01:34.00]I thought a woman could be all the angles for me [01:37.00]But it turn out to be all deceit [01:39.00]And you'll never never know for sure [01:43.00]If people ever mean what they say [01:46.00]When taking the chances you just have to realize [01:49.00]Life is a gamble if you're doing it in your way [02:38.00]Now I got a hold of my life and I found a real love [02:41.00]And I'm counting all the blessings I've got [02:44.00]All my dreams put into motion [02:46.00]And I'm about to take flight [02:47.00]Disregarding all the negative thoughts [02:50.00]Oh I'm feeling kinda good about my future thank [02:53.00]Now I'm just beginning to see [02:56.00]I took a new direction [02:57.00]Spin in to perfection [02:58.00]I took it to the top and nothing's gonna stop me