[ti:Briefcase Boogie] [ar:Frank Zappa] [al:Thing-Fish] [offset:0] [00:00.67]Briefcase Boogie - Frank Zappa [00:02.32]Anything you say, master! take me, I'm yours! [00:05.73] [00:06.58]Jingle bells, jingle bells, [00:08.79]Jingle all the way! [00:11.49]Oh, what fun it is to ride [00:13.80]To chicago every day, [00:16.10] [00:17.36]Oooh, lawd! lookit you, boy! [00:20.67]chain thoo de nipples 'n evvy goddam thing! [00:23.98]you a sick white muthafucker, ain'tcha? [00:26.74]Bells on bob-tail ring, [00:29.04]Making spirits bright! [00:31.56]Oh, what fun it is to ride [00:33.86]To chicago every night, oh... [00:36.22]For chrissake, rhonda! have you no shame? [00:39.28]Y'all make up y'mind yet, 'bouts de mammy o' yo' dreams? [00:43.01]You bet! I've waited all my life for this moment! [00:46.46]my heart is fluttering! if only I could submit myself on approval, [00:50.88]for a limited time only...to ...to that nasty little rubber mammy on your kne [00:55.79]Sister ob'dewlla 'x'? de mys'try sister? [00:58.63] [00:59.78]y'all wants t'party hearty with de min'yature rubber mammy wit de string out de back? [01:04.64]yow! dintcha get 'nuff 'buse fum de other bitch when y'was livin' i [01:09.40]Card-bo'd hut? [01:10.65]Harry...harry...hey! harry! fucking wor-r-r-mmmmmmmmmm! [01:16.32]I want a divorce, harry! [01:18.07]Not now, dearest, please! this is serious! [01:20.88]little mammy, what'll it be? hips or lips? [01:24.53]You're a wor-r-r-r-mmmmmmm! [01:26.83]a fucking wor-r-r-r-m-m-m-m-mmmmmmmmmmm! [01:29.35]these are my tits, harry! I have tits! [01:32.25]look! look at me! look at my wonderful tits, [01:35.06]you fucking wor-r-r-r-r-mmmmmmmm! I'm goi [01:37.21]Pretend I'm squirting them on you! whoo! wheeeee! almost gotcha! [01:43.14]Not now, rhonda! ow! oof! [01:45.04]oh, I love this! hurt me! hurt me! oh, pull my chain, [01:50.81]you tiny potato-headed whatchamacallit! [01:52.71]They're almost squirting, harry! look! look! [01:55.63]whoooooo! whooooo! whoooo! you fucking worm! [01:59.85] [02:00.45]Ob'dewlla! is y'awright? don't be pullin' de boy's chain too hard dere! [02:05.46]he gots 'nuthuh show t'do t'morrow! don't put dat in yo' mouf, [02:09.37]girl! I knows y'cain hep y'seff wit dat crazy muthafucker ' [02:12.49]' you like dat, but jes' hang on a lil' longuh... [02:14.84]he be droppin' de wad putty soon now! [02:18.14]Jingle bells, jingle bells... [02:20.55]Oh! this is divine! [02:23.15]This is my pussy, harry! look! see it? [02:25.87]you know what I'm gonna do with it, [02:27.77]you worm? I'm gonna make it fuck something! [02:30.07]that's right! you won't get any of it... [02:32.38]because you're disgusting! [02:33.73]an' I do Eed you, [02:34.88]mr. first-nighter! my wonderful, [02:36.93]wonderful pussy doesn't need you! [02:38.88]I have my briefcase, harry! [02:40.68]I'm going to fuck my briefcase! [02:42.71]I'm going to...look! look at this! [02:45.21]I got it right over her [02:47.17]Ere! see it? my big, brown, briefcase! [02:48.54]my briefcase! it's big, harry! it's full of business papers...from my career! [02:55.91]I'm gonna put my glasses on, harry! [02:58.26]I'm gonna put my hair up in a bun! then, [03:00.82]I'm going fuck fuck fuck! ha-ha-ha-hahhhhh! look! see me? [03:06.49]see how I got my hair up? whooo! I'm really doing it! [03:10.09]unngh [03:10.79]Gh! [03:12.30]Rhonda...have you no shame! keep the briefcase closed, for chrissake! all your documents are falling out! [03:18.46]Unngh! I'm good! oh God I'm good! harder! faster! unngh! unngh! this is terrific! boy, I need it so bad [03:27.93]Those are the warner brothers files, aren't they dear? don't you think there'll be some questions about the condition of the blue paper? [03:33.43]Girl! bes' be careful wit de latch! [03:35.70]I'm sucking the handle now, harry! look! mmmmmm! it tastes good! mmmmmm! mmmmmm! the handle! the handle! [03:43.06]Hurt me, ob'dewlla! make me whimper and beg for your tiny rubber love! [03:47.17] [03:47.95]I've got a fountain pen, harry! [03:49.10]I've got a fountain pen with my initials on it! [03:51.20]I'm putting it i [03:52.05]n my mouth, harry! I'm gonna get it wet! [03:54.37]I'm gonna stuff it up my asshole and ride the briefcase a [03:56.98]You disgusting perverted bastard worm! [03:58.58]I'm gonna do it! look, harry! whooo! unngh! unngh! [04:02.84]god-damit, harry! watch me! this is for your own good!