[ar:孙耀威] [al:失去] [00:01.50]词曲:孙耀威 Eric Featuring Mike Kasem [00:07.50] [00:38.93]One Two Three 开始剪刀石头布 [00:40.85]赢的人先出 [00:41.92]I Know For Sure U're Gonna Lose [00:43.12]5-10-15 是我们人类最原始的游戏 [00:45.52]5-10-15 是我们最喜欢玩耍的游戏 [00:47.95]输了你又猜 为什么你猜了你又输 [00:49.94]吐了你又喝 为什么喝了你又吐 [00:52.26]到底你懂不懂什么是5-10-15 [00:54.91]5-10-15 I Said 5-10-15 [00:57.39] [01:15.76]为什么大家都要问我猜拳怎么这么厉害 [01:17.18]为什么大家都要问我出拳怎么那么快 [01:19.33]因为我就是帅 我出国比赛 [01:21.79]And I Don't Care U Suck Like Hell! [01:24.32]我猜遍全世界七大洲的一百多个国家 [01:26.32]但系点解个个同我猜亲都一定咁鬼渣 [01:28.54]我睇住佢o地趴o系梳化度呕到死o下死o下 [01:30.79]我都懒得问你o地 你冇o野系哗 [01:32.71]Wake Up [01:33.59]Chi Chi Cha Chi Chi Cha Chi Chi Bom Bom Ba [01:35.53]Chi Chi Cha Bom Bom Ba Chi Chi Bom Bom Ba [01:37.70]Chi Chi Cha Chi Chi Cha [01:38.96]Bom Bom Ba Bom Bom Ba Chi Chi Cha [01:40.79]对不起我只会洗洗涮 [01:43.14] [01:59.22]Yo throw your hands up 5 throw your hands up 10 throw your hands up 15 [02:05.02]Dot com we da bomb with the world in my palm [02:07.34]Yo WHAT the girls want (Eric Suen) Got 5-10-15 girls up in his room put it down [02:17.86]from Hong Kong To Taiwan ShangHai who da surprise yo who the two fly guys yo [02:22.10]Suen where you at (with the ladies) at the club in the back check the stats sick [02:25.76]How we act with tha girls we da macks VIP get in free when its packed [02:27.22]So cmon push it back baby [02:27.54]Don't stop make it shake like that we gotta dance close cause the club is packed [02:31.11]And when we comes through you know the fools we act so can you handle [02:34.88]That 2 cats stacked with phat tracks bustin bottle caps like we bustin ya crew [02:38.48]Shu we now watcha gonna do [02:47.12] [03:32.93]黑芝麻 哗哗 白芝麻 哗哗 玩骰子 [03:35.64]So Far 全部我都是Champion [03:37.04]两只小蜜蜂 飞入花丛中 [03:39.21]Peah Peah Peah Muah Muah Muah Chun Kan Bui Ma Da Huei [03:41.78]乌龟翘 江湖飘 男生配 女生配 [03:43.88]Yeah You Are The Loser And I Am The Champion [03:50.74]