[ti:Hear My Call] [ar:Jill Scott] [al:The Light Of The Sun] [00:00.50]Jill Scott - Hear My Call [03:22.72] [00:06.29]Here I am again asking questions [00:11.42]Waiting to be moved. [00:16.89]I am so unsure of my perception [00:23.55]What I thought I knew I don't seem to [00:28.47]Where is the turn [00:31.49]so I can get back to what I believe in [00:38.61]Back to the old me and [00:43.53]God please hear my call [00:47.51]I am afraid for me [02:29.40] [00:54.40]Love has burned me raw [03:16.54] [00:57.94]I need Your healing, please [01:05.59]Please, please [01:16.18]I am such a fool [01:18.40]How did I get here [01:21.20]Played by all the rules [01:25.29]Then they changed [01:27.71]I am but a child to your vision [01:32.42]Standing in the cold and the rain [01:37.94]Lost here in the dark [01:41.39]I can't see [01:43.41]My foot to take a step [01:46.55]What is happening [01:49.13]Oh, this hurts so bad, [01:51.49]I can hardly breathe. [01:54.75]I just want to leave, so [03:02.38] [01:58.99]God, please hear my call, [02:02.89]I am afraid for me. [03:06.05] [02:23.91]I am afraid [03:12.06]Love has turned me cold