[ti:Me] [ar:Atmosphere] [al:When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold] [by:盛胡兵] [00:01.19]Atmosphere - Me [00:07.36]LRC制作:盛胡兵(QQ519376020) [00:23.16] [00:24.82]yeah the child in the mirror was homely [00:27.01]so we learned early on how to switch into low key [00:30.36]little person, observant and accurate [00:32.75]glue the skills to argue and the passion the back it with [00:35.73]kick over the blocks just to rebuild 'em [00:38.07]cause mom and pop used to pop me, sound familiar? [00:40.88]daddy had to leave, but momma kept hurtin [00:43.38]so he stepped up to help to be an anger and a burden [00:46.74]and right around the same time [00:48.44]started noticin girls, but they wouldnt pay him any mind [00:52.13]and if they ever did, he got nervous [00:54.21]you shoulda seen him practice on his hand for his first kiss [00:57.05]even though he was too young to hunt and gather [00:59.73]hungry puppy had to learn how to front and swagger [01:02.56]it didnt matter, it was all self esteem [01:05.06]at 16, you only needed one on your team [01:07.93]mom and dad was never gettin back together [01:10.37]so he was on some 'baby we gon' make it last forever' [01:13.09]basically married, right out of high school [01:15.86]five years of gettin high and fightin at a drive through [01:18.58]and when he hit 21, they made a son [01:21.18]but on his 22nd birthday the relationship was done [01:23.95]now hes got a best friend instead of a wife [01:26.44]but he feels like he stole the best years of her life [01:29.13]after that it was one co dependent to the next [01:31.77]a lot of love a lot of hate a little bit of great sex [01:34.97]self learnin in between the self loathing [01:37.36]strangled in a cycle, cant feel yourself choking [01:40.07]some of them would overlapse [01:41.71]some of them would double back [01:42.92]none of them deserved to be exposed [01:44.60]to be exposed to all the troubled that he posed [01:45.84]strike one, not even out of fear [01:47.85]he dont eve