[ti:Sausalito] [ar:黎明] [al:Leon北京站] [00:00.00]Sausalito [00:03.00]作曲人 : 雷颂德 填词人 : 雷颂德 [01:46.00][00:18.00]I can't believe I could be the one [01:52.00][00:23.00]To be with you under the morning sun [01:56.00][00:28.00]See the moon and the nightingale [02:00.00][00:32.00]Sing along with us Oh baby baby [02:04.00][00:36.00]You're the only one [02:07.00][00:38.00]Fills my fantasy room [02:09.00][00:41.00]Never gonna stop [02:11.00][00:43.00]All that fantasy [02:15.00][00:46.00]I'll live my live [02:17.00][00:49.00]I'll live my live for you [03:13.00][02:22.00][00:53.00]Thank you for loving my baby [03:17.00][02:26.00][00:57.00]You'll always be the one who drives me crazy [03:22.00][02:31.00][01:02.00]I think this is a gift from god to have you here [03:30.00][02:37.00][01:11.00]Thank you for loving me baby [03:34.00][02:41.00][01:15.00]I'll treasure all your love and all the thing we share [03:43.00][02:50.00][01:24.00]And I wanna tell you [03:45.00][02:53.00][01:26.00]How much I love you