[ti:It's OK] [ar:Atomic Kitten] [offset:500] [00:00.00]歌曲:It's OK [00:05.00]歌手:Atomic kitten [00:10.00] [00:11.68]Well, I remember all the nights I used to stay at home (home) [00:14.53]On the phone (phone), all night long [00:16.93]Used to talk about all the things we really wanna do [00:19.64][00:33.08][01:32.03]I believed in you [00:22.43]I remember how you used to say [00:25.09]Have no fear (no fear), you'll be OK (OK) [00:27.78]When you told me anything you want is possible [00:30.60]We could have it all [00:36.09][01:34.60]Must have been a fool [00:38.96][01:37.17]All my dreams were with you [00:43.42][01:41.59][02:29.82]I say it's OK [00:45.16][01:43.43][02:31.20]I can promise you it's all right [00:47.67][00:58.24][01:45.96][01:56.47][02:33.66][02:44.43]You ain't keeping me up all night [00:50.82][01:01.47][01:49.21][01:59.92][02:36.87][02:47.58]No more [00:52.74][01:03.33][01:51.21][02:02.05][02:38.69][02:49.91][03:11.26]You're not here, but it's OK [00:55.71][01:53.80][02:41.64]I assure you babe, it's all right [01:09.98]Well now you got to where you wanted [01:11.42]Like I knew you would [01:12.85]Cash, car, house, it's all good [01:15.28]It's the why you never come around here no more [01:18.07]Like you did before [01:20.50]Got it all, that's the way it seems [01:23.55]Looks like you live your dream [01:25.89]And I hope your life has turned out for the better now [01:28.52]When I'm not around [02:09.06][02:11.38][02:13.68][02:19.40][02:21.85][02:24.56][02:52.39][02:56.05][02:59.14]It's all right and a it's OK and a [02:16.53][02:27.15][03:01.53]You're not here with me