[ti:Rise] [ar:Flobots] [al:Fight With Tools] [by:李泽昊] [00:02.00]Flobots - Rise [00:08.00]LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang [00:14.00]@ www.1ting.com @ [00:20.00] [00:20.90]So much pain we [00:24.28]Don't know how to be but angry [00:26.86]Feel infected like we've got gangrene [00:29.46]Please don't let anybody try to change me [00:32.29]Me [00:33.74]Just me [00:34.69]In the middle of a sea full of faces [00:36.35]Full of faces [00:37.91]Some laugh some salivate [00:39.76]Whats in your alleyway [00:41.73]Recycling bins or bullet cases [00:43.35]Its not equal [00:44.66]Its not fair [00:45.97]Were different people [00:47.23]But were not scared [00:48.31]We ain't never scared [00:49.64]To pave a new path [00:50.75]Make a new street [00:51.85]Build a new bridge [00:52.82]Say can you see by the dawns early light [00:54.95]Free slaves running [00:56.54]Songs words weren't right [00:57.87]Now a new days coming [00:59.21]The few stay stunning while the many are handsome [01:01.89]Your soul is alive but they want it for ransom [01:04.55]The base drumming is the anthem [01:06.54]We step to the heartbeats of our granddaughters and grandsons [01:10.05]And Rise together [01:11.25]We rise together (xN) [01:31.08]Lost hope and found need [01:34.08]Grounded by our surroundings [01:36.84]Did the walls scream universities [01:39.49]Or you and i verse the tees [01:40.96]React automatic and we burst when squeezed [01:44.55]And make 9-11 each emergency [01:46.35]Urgency amber to red like the turning leaves [01:49.83]Oh please let the hurting cease [01:52.62]Don't let apathy police the populace [01:55.13]We will march across [01:56.35]Those stereotypes that were marked for us [01:58.36]The answers obvious [02:00.06]We switch the consonants [02:01.35]Change the sword to words and lift continents [02:03.99]And Rise together [02:05.46]We rise together (xN) [02:15.51]