[ti:I Can\'t Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree] [ar:泰迪罗宾] [al:点指泰迪罗宾] [00:02.00]I Can\'t Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree [00:06.00] [00:15.61]I have tried to make you love me [00:20.13]I\'ve done everything your way [00:23.88]And I am crying for the words [00:26.88]you\'ll never say [00:29.96] [00:31.12]If this love is an illusion [00:34.84]And must end in sad conclusion [00:38.68]if that\'s what you feel [00:40.71]that\'s just how it will be [00:46.05]And I can\'t grow peaches on a cherry tree [00:52.66] [00:53.60]When I see the peaches blossoms [00:57.34]I\'ll regret I said goodbye [01:01.10]I\'ll remeber cherry kissed [01:04.71]and I\'ll cry [02:18.97][01:08.10] [01:08.58]But I can\'t go on pretending [01:12.14]That our love is never ending [01:57.30][01:16.06]For you can\'t be loved [01:59.65][01:18.35]unless you want to be [02:12.59][02:04.79][01:23.41]And I can\'t grow preaches on a cherry tree [01:30.75] [01:49.74]Someday I\'ll find a new love [01:53.92]But for you there can be no love