[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:02.31]Larkspur And Lazarus 飞燕草和拉撒路 [00:04.68] [00:09.15]The empty streets 空荡的街道 [00:12.58]The songs of twilight 黎明的歌声 [00:17.31]The clouds at rest 悠闲的云彩 [00:21.03]The churchbells chiming 教堂的钟声 [00:25.11]A scarecrow shudders 稻草人摇晃着 [00:28.87]And some birds tremble 鸟儿颤动着 [00:32.47]I looked at you and saw it's time [00:40.42]我注视着你我知道时间已尽 [00:45.21]The faded flowers 凋零的花瓣 [00:48.47]The faded pictures 泛黄的照片 [00:51.61]Of faded lives 消逝的生命 [00:56.43]Your body waiting 你在等待 [01:00.60]And unfulfilled 没有履行诺言 [01:04.06]With no regrets 却也不带一丝歉意 [01:07.52]And empty heart 空荡荡的内心 [01:12.12]And head in hands 手里捧着头颅 [01:15.64]I heard them say today it's time [01:22.46]我听见他们在说 时间已尽 [01:27.76]The sunset heavy 沉重的日落 [01:31.03]On mother mountain 在母亲山上 [01:35.30]The cattle lowing 牛群在嘶鸣中 [01:38.94]The cattle dreaming进入梦境 [01:43.08]The endless rain 无尽的雨水 [01:46.45]In haunted airs 在鬼魂出没的空气中散落 [01:50.67]Your loss of hope 你遗失了希望 [01:58.03]We were shown 我们都被告知 [02:00.67]We were shown it's only time 时间已尽 [02:10.78]The smell of rain 雨水的味道 [02:13.98]The twilight leaning 倾斜的晨光 [02:17.01]Against your lips 贴着你的唇 [02:21.86]Waterwheels turning 水车在旋转 [02:25.92]The forests brooding 森林陷入沉思 [02:29.22]You took my hand 你拿起我的手 [02:32.94]And pointed full of pain [02:37.14]That fishes dying 痛苦的指向这垂死的鱼群 [02:40.76]You saw the sign that this was time [02:46.80]你看到了征兆 时间已尽 [02:53.12]I waited years for you 我已等待你数年 [02:56.54]Or so it seemed [03:00.21]And stumbled through your world [03:02.98]踌躇于你的世界 [03:05.91]Praying for just one kiss 只为得到一个吻 [03:08.38]To stop my fall from grace以阻止我从优雅中划落 [03:12.17]And shelter in your palm 寻求你掌间的庇护 [03:15.70]You gave me everything 你给了我一切 [03:19.76]Both lock and key 包括钥匙和锁 [03:23.53]The oilclouds see it's only time [03:28.17]朦胧中 时间已尽 [03:35.44]If I could have one wish 如果我能实现一个愿望 [03:39.09]As in the fairytales 像童话中那般 [03:42.81]I would unmake my past 我想忘记过去 [03:47.14]And rise like Lazarus 像拉撒路一样飞起 [03:51.13]And stand in sunlight 沐浴阳光 [03:54.59]And banish all the dark 驱散所有的黑暗 [03:58.54]That locked my face away 阳光锁住了我的容颜 [04:02.56]And say to you again 我想再一次对你说 [04:06.15]Oh that 是的 [04:09.04]That was only time 时间已尽 [04:18.47]So willow weep not for me 柳枝不再为我哭泣 [04:22.18]And oak bend not for me 橡树不再向我弯曲 [04:26.10]Though others died for us 尽管他们都因我们而死 [04:30.22]And in our place 在我们的领地上 [04:34.27]Though in the secret heart 尽管在隐秘的内心深处 [04:37.72]Raw wound, raw source of all 有着疼痛的伤口 [04:41.59]I heard the news today 以及一切痛苦的根源 [04:45.43]Whispered in the dark 今天在黑暗中我听到低语 [04:49.78]At last 最终 [04:51.59]At last we know it's time 最终我们明白时间已尽 [05:09.80]I knew at last it's only time 我知道最终时间已尽 [05:18.13]I'll come in glory 我将带着荣耀而归