[ti:19 Minutes] [ar:Gareth Gates] [al:Pictures Of The Other Side] [by:Shane Zheng] [00:00.64]Song:19 Minutes [00:03.24]Singer:Gareth Gates [00:08.64]Album:Pictures Of The Other Side [00:10.84]LRC Produce By:ShaneZheng(QQ:295374467) [00:13.95]19 minutes since you hung up the phone [00:20.76]I'm already seeing the dark shadows growing [00:27.61]I wonder what you're doing right now [00:31.12]do you hurt,like I hurt [00:35.61] [00:41.05]19 hours and I can't fall asleep [00:47.41]I've turned all the lights on [00:49.89]but the shadows are creeping [00:54.23]And all around the room that was our sacred space [00:59.32]I can't breathe [01:05.47]I'm incomplete [03:17.68][02:20.97][01:14.25]Look what you've done baby [03:20.80][02:24.10][01:17.41]Look what I've become [02:26.10][01:19.43]I'm just bleeding,I'm bleeding [02:30.09][01:23.62]And it doesn't stop [03:30.62][02:34.29][01:27.69]I don't wanna put you down [02:36.65][01:29.94]but I feel like I've lost my crown [02:40.14][01:33.55]And the words that you left me don't pay [02:48.77][01:42.15]Pay me for my pain [01:47.64]19 days free to do what I want [01:53.99]To hang out late with the shadows I know [02:01.07]What I want I can't have,what I have I don't want [02:09.19]Yeah,I want you back [02:54.00] [03:05.04]And suddenly the words we're scared to speak [03:11.88]Become the words that release us [03:22.66]I'm not bleeding,I'm breathing [03:26.79]And the pain's gone away [03:33.17]'Cos I feel like I've found my ground [03:36.73]And the words that you left me just say [03:43.49]That all in good time hurt will fade [03:51.92]You've paid me for my pain [03:57.10]Gareth Gates-19 Minutes [04:01.99]Pictures Of The Other Side [04:07.69]End