[ti:Brand New Day] [ar:Ricki Lee] [al:Brand New Day] [00:01.30]Ricki Lee - Brand New Day [00:03.19]Album:Brand New Day [00:05.29]鹰飞雁武 编辑 [00:10.57]My life ain't paradise there's no, champagne on ice [00:14.96]But someone to share it with now, wouldn't that be nice [00:20.46]No one knows loneliness no, not better than me [00:24.83]But timing is everything, it should happen naturally [00:29.32]And I, know there's someone fro me [00:34.21]Someone who will love and adore me [00:39.10]He might not be standing here before me [00:43.30]But tomorow's a brand knew day [00:48.78][02:35.35]It's a brand knew day honey [00:55.26]My heart is troubled by the, by the wayof the world [00:59.85]Anger's in over drive and there's need to be concerned [01:05.14]You deserve a friend and I'll be that to you [01:09.73]Learn to live together well thats all we have to do [01:13.90][02:15.82]And I know I can't be wrong [01:17.89][02:19.81]Cos I know that i know the road we travel is winding [01:24.07][02:25.99]And if we can't get along [01:27.77][02:29.70]Then tomorrows a brand knew day [01:33.45]A brand knew day-just to see the world [01:36.64]Through unassuming eyes [01:39.04]A chance to really try [01:43.83]A day to turn and face the one you truly love [01:48.42]And say I'll be by your side [01:56.90]Some days I'm overjoyed and happy like a clown [02:01.69]other days I'm all washed out and that [02:04.26]Smiles turningupside down [02:06.76]Well know nbody's purfect but we gottashare the love [02:11.75]Getting in together well that's all I'm thinking of [02:50.76]It's a brand knew day honey [02:44.67]Everybody sing