[ti:Lullaby For You -English Version-] [ar:JYONGRI] [al:Kissing Me] [00:00.00]Lullaby For You -English Version- [00:03.00]詞曲:Jyongri [00:06.00]演唱:JYONGRI [00:09.00][01:54.42][04:36.45] [00:15.22]There may not be an answer to this too, [00:21.90]why the sky is blue, is the change in me all true? [00:29.10]Now that you are next to me, [00:32.02]I have no fears and all I know is that I want to be with you [00:43.69]Sometimes it's easy to forget the times we weep, [00:50.27]the moment makes us weak, and all the shame I see [00:57.73]Memories exist for all the precious days [01:02.36]my heart still wants to keep, [01:06.14]somewhere deep inside of me [01:11.68][02:37.77][03:45.74]A Lullaby For You [01:19.12][03:53.21]Don't you worry baby, I'll be here by your side [01:26.30][02:52.32][04:00.37]May tomorrow be wonderful too [01:33.40][04:07.57]Close to you I hope to stay, endlessly from today [01:40.65][04:14.67]Even through cloudy days, you are not alone [02:10.31]Sweet dreams I do not see cause darkness scares me, [02:15.80]is it because I'm still fifteen, or the loneliness in me [02:23.60]Wish I may I wish I might sleep [02:27.26]soundly through the windy nights, [02:30.86]just to dream of you tonight [02:45.12]Stars will always gracefully [02:48.78]watch over 'till it's bright [02:59.49]Take my hand promise me, that we'll be all right [03:06.59]Finding a place to feel at home, you are not alone [03:20.38] [03:21.88]Maybe I'll turn back to stay [03:29.06]Where I came from only yesterday [03:35.27]Whisper then,“The past is gone eternally” [04:29.04]you are not alone