[ti:You've Got A Friend] [ar:杜雯惠&罗敏庄&胡诺言&跳格乐队] [al:人间定格] [offset:500] [00:02.00]杜雯惠&罗敏庄&胡诺言&跳格乐队 [00:04.00]You've Got A Friend [00:08.65] [00:10.65]Music:Carole King [00:12.65]-------- [00:14.49]When you're down and troubled [00:19.12]and you need some lovin' care [00:24.12]And nothing, nothing is going right [00:29.65] [00:33.91]close your eyes and think of me [00:37.93]And soon I will be there [00:42.02]To brighten up even your darkest night [00:48.26]--- [03:13.87][02:18.59][00:50.95]You just call out my name [03:18.99][02:23.45][00:55.83]And you know wherever I am [03:23.18][02:27.86][01:00.10]I'll come running [03:27.61][02:32.17][01:04.61]To see you again [03:31.83][02:36.17][01:08.49]- [03:33.62][02:38.14][01:10.44]Winter, spring, summer or fall [03:38.17][02:42.64][01:14.98]All you have to do is call [03:42.09][01:18.76]And I'll be there, [04:00.30][03:46.17][01:22.64]You've got a friend [03:48.53][01:25.49]---- [01:42.05]If the sky above you [01:46.60]Grows dark and full of clouds [01:51.25]And that old north wind begins to blew [01:59.85]Keep your head together [02:05.44]And call my name out loud [02:09.91]Soon you'll hear me knocking at your door [02:15.88]-- [02:46.51]And I'll be there Yes I will [02:50.21] [02:51.71]ain't good to know that you've got a friend [02:56.00]When people can be so cold [03:00.31]They'll hurt you and desert you, [03:05.78]take your soul if you let them, [03:09.87]but don't you let them [04:04.52][03:12.63]----