[ti:Each Time] [ar:E17] [al:创世纪II 完结篇] [00:00.00]E17 《 Each Time 》 [00:26.45]词: 曲: [00:27.94] [00:28.45]Have you heard of the saying for those who are playing [00:33.21]You don't know what you've got till it's gone [00:38.15]Well that was my calling I knew I was falling [00:42.62]into something that would be so wrong [00:47.16]But I caught hold of myself and changed for the better [00:52.19]I can't get you out of my mind [00:57.20]Cause something inside made me realize you were fine [02:48.00][02:07.36][01:05.33]Each time when we're alone I guess I didn't know [02:52.40][02:11.90][01:09.84]How far we were apart should we spoken to my heart [02:57.36][02:16.94][01:14.91]I guess I didn't know that each time you'd go away I'd cry [03:06.02][02:25.44][01:23.45]I can't take all these good-byes [01:30.64]I know from this feeling deep inside there's a healing [01:35.55]I know that I'm in control [01:39.78]Every day I am yeaming this love I feel burning [01:45.11]Burning right through my soul [01:49.23]So let's make a start of something that cannot be broken [01:56.28]The mould is so strong treat this love as a child [02:01.60]That grows into something worthwhile [02:28.49]Deep love so deep deep love so deep yeah [02:33.06]I can't take all these good-byes [02:37.15]Faithfully I will see please believe me [02:42.50]I can't take all these good-byes [03:09.55]All the time we were alone [03:11.01]Guess I should've really know [03:13.41]Baby you have always been mine [03:33.81]