[ti:]Cavatina [ar:]Paul Potts [al:]One Chance [00:05.41]Paul Potts-Cavatina [00:11.76]She was beautiful, [00:19.94]Beautiful to my eyes. [00:27.67]From the moment I saw her, [00:36.45]The sun filled the sky. [00:43.54] [00:45.18]She was so so beautiful, [00:54.32]Beautiful just to hold. [01:02.55]In my dreams she was spring time [01:11.82]Winter was cold. [01:18.90] [01:22.28]How could I tell her [01:29.46]What I so clearly could see [01:37.44]Though I longed for her [01:46.85]I never trusted me completely [01:55.53]So I never could be free. [02:00.49] [02:41.79]It was so so beautiful [02:49.96]Knowing now that she cared [02:58.58]I will always remember [03:07.32]Moments that we shared [03:14.66] [03:17.65]For it was beautiful, beautiful [03:31.96]Beautiful to be loved.