[ti:Ken Kaniff] [ar:eminem] [al:The Slim Shady LP] [00:00.00]"Ken Kaniff" [00:00.62] [00:03.32]( dial tone ) [00:06.89] [00:09.72]Give em a piece of my mind.... [00:12.74]A piece of my ass [00:14.51]( thanks for waiting, [00:15.43]This is ----- [00:15.96]May I help you? ) [00:16.71]Ohh thank you [00:17.74]I need to make a collect call [00:19.27]( what number? ) [00:20.13]Ohhh [00:21.22]The numbers _62-____ [00:24.92]( at the tone, please say your name. ) [00:27.38]( beep ) [00:28.44]Kennith kaniff....from connecticut. [00:32.46]Automated piece of shit [00:34.18]Ring, ring [00:37.70]Yo [00:38.61]Hey there cockboy. [00:40.49]Who's this? [00:41.76]This is ken kannif [00:42.68]Who? [00:43.88]Ken kannif from connecticut, ya little bitch. [00:46.67]From connecticut? [00:47.69]Yean you wanna get a... [00:48.66]I don't know nobody in connecticut. [00:49.84]You wanna get a hotel room with me? [00:52.05]A hotel room? [00:53.16]Yeah, you want me to lick your ass, eminem!? [00:56.13]Ha.. yo, wh, who is this? cage? [00:58.97]Hey, pa ha.. [01:00.53] [01:03.13]Your ass, ya little cockboy. [01:06.53]He k k k k, yo shut up you little bitch. [01:10.34]Oh you think I'm lyin huh? [01:12.48]Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha