[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:32.80]Fearless on my final quest [00:35.07]Find truth beyond the flesh [00:37.63]Fleeting past my dreams of unfulfilled desire [00:42.88]My strength unwavering [00:45.10]My journey just beginning [00:47.91]A desperate race through the corridors of hell [00:57.41]Chaos emerges – Surrender I will not [01:04.30]The Last Enemy Is Falling [01:08.09]Here I am – To Conquer Death Itself [01:14.35]The Last Enemy Is Falling [01:18.32]Here I stand – To Conquer Death Itself [01:24.03]Funeral silence beneath the burning cross [01:29.06]My immortal soul sleeps with the wolves tonight [01:34.01]Shin and bones that rot, my blood runs dry [01:39.07]See me die to rise with the gods again