[ti:Untitled] [ar:The Title] [al:Making A Scene] [by:活在当下] [00:01.14]The Title - Untitled [00:07.24] [00:07.41]制作:卜超 QQ:6313827 [00:20.84] [00:22.82]i never thought i could tell [00:25.63]i'd feel this change in myself [00:28.58]or feel for anyone else [00:31.19]you always knew how I felt [00:34.20]and every second i wait [00:36.55]i'd feel i wasted away [00:39.48]a single hour of day [00:42.04]you could be near me [02:13.04][01:29.23][00:44.81] [02:13.53][01:29.43][00:45.23]i think that it is time you [02:18.99][01:34.79][00:50.66]welcome this heart of mine and [02:23.82][01:39.73][00:55.56]you will see what you've meant to me [02:34.13][02:28.63][01:44.49][01:00.24]and this meaning i've attached to time [01:04.98] [01:06.91]i've grown accustomed to hear [01:09.84]it isn't i you've held dear [01:12.72]i keep my heart on my sleeve [01:15.57]in every hope you would see [01:18.20]and there is nothing i want [01:20.68]except for me in your thoughts [01:23.67]the ones you keep to yourself [01:26.44]and hide from anyone else [01:48.84] [02:01.67][01:50.39]i'd ask of myself [02:03.66][01:52.78]could it be anyone else [02:06.39][01:55.84]because it's harder to tell [02:09.00][01:57.99]here without you [02:52.28]