[ti:No] [ar:Ali] [al:] [00:38.61]Who really cares [00:44.66]Who really cares [00:49.84]When I talk [00:52.74]What I feel [00:55.77]What I say [00:58.44]nobody not really [01:01.24]Who wants to take [01:07.98]time to understand [01:13.52]I would like someone to here me [01:17.60]with some apathy [01:18.41]I can't find [01:22.97]Nobody not really [01:25.33]maybe i'm invisible to the world [01:31.87]Is anyone in the world even think of me [01:37.85]As more than just a hopeless cause [01:43.81]Maybe the world is not my block, my stoop, my life, my dream, my anything [01:53.01]Anything [01:57.87]Who wants to help [02:02.49]Mama, oh she's so tired [02:09.57]Papa, Oh you're not here [02:14.85]II'm alone in and empty space [02:17.19]With [02:18.53]Nobody not really [02:33.22]