[ti:Rescue] [ar:Ashanti] [al:Ashanti] [Verse 1] [00:23.97] All alone and I'm feeling wanted [00:26.29] Try to wait but my body's calling, you're the one so why don't [00:31.56] you come and rescue me, [00:36.03] I'll be here while you on your way, counting down till I see your face, [00:42.62] hurry up cause I love the way you rescue me. [00:48.83] Now your're here, come on out, the rain soaking wet [00:53.34] body glistening, finally we could do something so rescue me, [01:02.25] Can't believe how it's going down, [01:05.38] I'm so obsessed with this love I found it got my head spinning [01:10.17] round and round just rescue me. [03:51.15][03:25.08][02:32.67][01:14.58] All night long Take me away to another place, [03:57.31][03:31.25][02:40.26][01:21.28] rescue me save me, save me save me all night long [04:06.77][03:40.70][02:48.73][01:30.14] Take me away to another place rescue me [04:13.32][03:47.69][02:55.33][01:37.23] Save me, save me, save me [03:01.66] [Verse 2] [01:41.46] I come alive when I feel your thouch [01:44.33] and I can drown In this pool of love, you could get what I'm thinking of [01:50.48] Come rescue me, what you think couldn't be replaced [01:57.32] if you were gone I would find a way to get you back, [02:01.98] cause I love the way you rescue me, laying here with you in the dark [02:10.57] I always knew you could shift my heart, [02:13.92] when I'm with you I don't want to stop so rescue me, [02:19.87] only you can fulfill my need take me away from this agony, [02:26.51] I want to live out my fantasy just rescue me. [Chorus 4x [04:47.47][04:44.17][04:40.87][04:37.57][04:34.34][04:31.14][04:27.95][04:24.54][04:21.40]