[ti:The Bigger Picture] [ar:Dream Theater] [al:Dream Theater] [offset:0] [00:00.00] [00:00.56]The Bigger Picture - Dream Theater [00:07.23]Long before the colors start to bleed [00:47.31]I can see the painting come alive [00:54.47]Clever like an angel in disguise [00:59.89]Moving in and out of reach [01:03.82]If the candle lights this crooked path [01:31.93]Like a lighthouse peering through the haze [01:33.48]I will find the river through the rain [01:37.16]And I?ll reach the water?s edge [01:40.65][*] Shed your light on me [01:58.48]Be my eyes when I can?t see [02:05.72]Shed your light on me [02:09.84]Be my guide so I can see [02:17.91]The bigger picture [02:18.53]Like a moth burned by the fire [02:25.92]And driven to the flame [02:28.67](Prophecy's a blessing and a curse) [02:30.01]I must bear this cross alone [02:40.34]There?s no one else to blame [02:42.71]With each treasure found [02:50.57]Another shipwreck?s washed ashore [02:53.51]I am carried by the current [02:57.44]On a slow and steady course [02:59.81][* Repeat] [03:00.74]What if caught in a moment [04:24.36]I get lost and can't find my way [04:28.98]What if all along I was wrong [04:37.48]In every turn, in every way [04:44.92]Would you talk me off the ledge [04:51.92]Or let me take the fall [04:57.65]Better to try and fail [05:01.65]Then to never try at all [05:11.40]You look but cannot see [06:16.02]Talk but never speak [06:17.45]You live but cannot breathe [06:20.89]See but don?t believe [06:21.63]Wounds that never heal [06:29.00]A heart that cannot feel [06:33.93]A dream that?s all too real [06:39.17]A stare as cold as steel [06:43.98]I?ve listened to the stories of resentment and disdain [06:49.96]I?ve looked into the empty eyes of anger, fear, and shame [06:53.83]I?ve taken blood from every stone [06:57.95]And traveled every road [07:02.07]When I see the distant lights illuminate the night [07:07.57]Then I will know I am home