[ti:Knowing me, knowing you] [ar:ABBA] [00:03.00]Knowing me, knowing you [00:08.00]ABBA [00:09.00]No more carefree laughter silence ever after. [00:27.00]Walking through an empty house tears in my eyes [00:36.00]This is where the story ends. This is goodbye [03:00.00][02:05.00][00:43.00]Knowing me, knowing you [03:04.00][02:09.00][00:48.00]There is nothing we can do [03:07.00][02:12.00][00:50.00]Knowing me, knowing you [03:10.00][02:15.00][00:54.00]We just have to face it this time we're through [03:17.00][02:22.00][01:01.00]Breakin' up is never easy, I know but I have to go [03:25.00][02:31.00][01:09.00]Knowing me, knowing you [03:27.00][02:33.00][01:11.00]it's the best I can do [01:31.00]Mem'ries good days bad days [01:40.00]they'll be with me always [01:48.00]In there old familiar room children would play [01:57.00]Now there's only emptiness, nothing to say [03:54.00]