[ti:歌曲名字]Ain't No Other Man [ar:演唱歌手名字]christina aguilera [al:专辑名字]back to basic [00:08.65]Hey...yeah yeah [00:17.09](Do your thing honey) [00:18.53]I could feel it from the start [00:22.19]Couldn't stand to be apart [00:25.72]Something 'bout you caught my eye [00:29.35]Something moved me deep inside [00:33.01]I don't know what you did boy but you had it [00:36.92]And I've been hooked ever since [00:40.18]Told my mother, my brother [00:42.17]My sister and my friends [00:44.18]Told the others (others), my lovers (lovers) [00:45.73]Both past and present tense (alright) [00:47.82]That every time I see you [00:49.43]Everything starts making sense [00:54.40](Do your thing honey) [00:55.62]Ain't no other man [00:57.16]That can stand, up next to you [00:59.03]Ain't no other man [01:00.44]On the planet, does what you do (what you do) [01:02.92]You're the kinda guy [01:04.18]A girl finds, in a blue moon (hey) [01:06.71]You got soul (yeah), you got class (ooh) [01:08.93]You got style, with your badass (oh yeah) [01:10.70]Ain't no other man it's true (alright) [01:13.45]Ain't no other man but you [01:18.42]Never thought I'd be alright (no no no) [01:22.01]Till you came and changed my life (yeah yeah yeah) [01:25.67]What was cloudy now is clear, yeah yeah [01:29.39]You're the light that I needed, uh [01:33.47]You got what I want boy and I want it [01:36.93]So keep on giving it up [01:40.34]Tell your mother (mother), your brother (brother) [01:42.10]Your sister and your friends (your sister and your friends) [01:44.14]Tell the others (others), your lovers (lovers) [01:45.83]Better not be present tense (mmhmm) [01:47.95]'Cause I want everyone to know [01:49.66]That you are mine and no one else's, ohh, oh oh [01:55.66]Ain't no other man [01:56.79]That can stand, up next to you (to you, yeah) [01:59.09]Ain't no other man (ain't no other man, n