[ti:Problem] [ar:Method Man] [al:4:21... The Day After] [00:03.61]Album:4:21... The Day After [00:06.34]Method Man-Problem [00:15.82]Come on... that's my nigga right there... let's do it [00:21.16]Never count me out, nigga, just count me in... yeah... [00:25.66]Look, I ain't came to bone these chicks [00:26.83]Not this time, I got a bone to pick, I got a zone to pick [00:28.81]Now, who that nigga in the zone and shit [00:30.93]Back in the building like he own the bitch, nobody cold as this [00:34.90]If I ain't got it, then it don't exist [00:37.11]I spit that bird flu, my flows is sick, I'm still as ill as they come [00:40.24]Protect Ya Neck, when you dealing with them [00:42.16]Now Erick stick a fork in him, he done, hah [00:44.61]It boggles the mind, like try'nna 'ketchup' to a bottle of Heinz [00:47.37]It's like forensics try'nna follow the crime, they want time [00:49.81]And sometime, a nigga had to swallow them dimes [00:52.44]While 85 percent swallowing swine, see [00:54.97]Wherever he roam, it's all gravy, man, whatever he hone [00:57.64]Long as I got myself a Marilyn loan, phillies are better chrome [01:00.58]If there's a problem, nigga, let it be known [01:02.85]And while I sleep, my bitch be checkin' my phone, cause I'm a problem, nigga [01:05.97]Ease up, or put them g's up [01:07.57]Scream at ya frog, nigga leap up (now who got a problem with that?) [01:09.40]They need to beast up, nigga, speak up or [01:10.85]Forever hold they peace up (if they got a problem with that) [01:15.73]Hey you (don't want no problem nigga) Hey you (don't want no problem nigga) [01:18.65]Hey you (don't want no problem nigga) Hey you (don't want no problem nigga) [01:21.16]Hey you ("Believe, what I say, when I tell ya" - DMX sample) [01:24.43]Yeah, you, nigga, you don't want no problem with that [01:26.38]Look, my Clan all one in the same [01:28.57]Until my name number one in the game, it's not a game, nigga [01:31.21]Like Billy Danze, I be running with "Fame" [01:33.68]Me and my