[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:15.65]Carrie Underwood Get Out Of This Town Lyrics [02:18.53][01:54.08][01:31.99][01:29.82][01:06.74][00:45.09][00:17.87] [00:19.45]Got it all figured out inside of my head. [00:23.29]There's a bag packed up at the foot of my bed. [00:26.88]You say the word, baby I'm all set. [00:30.41]We'll cover our tracks, tell a couple white lies. [00:33.94]Make sure we got a good alibi and by the time they catch on, [00:39.17]we'll be outa their sight. [02:14.55][01:30.50][00:42.84]Long gone baby. [02:19.90][01:33.17][00:45.66]Lets get out of this town tonight. [02:23.45][01:36.83][00:49.19]Nothing but dust in the shadows. [02:27.26][01:40.59][00:52.54]Gone by morning light. [02:30.73][01:44.45][00:56.77]Somewhere we wont ever get caught, ever be found. [02:53.65][01:49.81][01:02.15]Baby lets just get out of this town. [01:07.37]Dont need directions, dont need a map. [01:10.91]If we get lost, I'll be good with that. [01:14.18]Yeah we'll find a way to make the time pass. [01:18.08]Windows rolled down with the heat on high.Stars all aligned in a runaway sky. [01:25.08]Holding my hand as the miles roll by. [02:07.24]If we leave tonight and drive fast enough, all our troubles will be just like us. [02:35.59]yeah [02:44.09][02:37.04]Let's get out of this town tonight. [02:48.39]Yeah we wont ever be caught, ever be found.