[ti:When] [ar:彭靖惠] [al:纯粹慵懒] [by:fyes] [offset:500] [00:02.41]When [00:06.38]Lyrics:彭靖惠 Music:彭靖惠 Arranger:黄中岳 [00:13.44] [03:45.77][01:20.41][00:17.69]When you're feeling sad [03:49.09][01:23.56][00:21.18]When the whole world turns its back [03:52.53][01:27.06][00:24.50]And when a flicker of hope just seems too far [03:59.86][01:34.39][00:32.34]Close your eyes and drifft away [04:03.30][01:37.88][00:36.40]There might still be more rainy days [04:07.10][01:41.61][00:40.24]But the sun always comes back and shines again [04:14.85][01:49.32][00:48.53]Hold on to that smile on your face [04:23.85][00:58.88] [03:09.90][01:55.68]There're times when we win a little [03:17.54][02:03.36]Times when we lose it all [03:24.63][02:10.73]Anything can change for reasons we don't know [03:31.99][02:17.83]It's life, it's life [03:39.25][02:25.29]One day you'll find [02:32.63]What's the use of crying [02:36.18]Hold on to that smile [02:41.67]